Andropenis Enlargement Device

Andropenis Enlargement Device Review

Probably the most effective way to lengthen a penis is by penis traction, this is also a most effective way of curing Peyronies disease (curvature of the penis), With penis surgery being the only other alternative, the use of penis traction devices has gained popularity over the past decade.

Offering proven results, the only downside (if any) is that the treatment, unlike surgery,andropenis-gold-main does take time, often from between 4 to 6 months to generate maximum gains in length and girth.

Surgery on the other hand, can offer immediate results, but with high costs, a success rate of around 50% and the fact that a large number of cases do suffer lack of sensation and occasionally permanent disfigurement, it’s a wonder why anybody actually favours this method of treatment.

Penis Traction Devices are both safe, and cost effective, they offer proven and guaranteed results as long as the device is used as directed.

The most popular enlargement device in Europe is the one made by Andromedical; originating from Spain, the Andropenis device has been assessed and classified as a type one medical device by the European union

Andropenis is made to exacting standards, the manufacturers hold British Standard certification along with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003

“The Premier Non-Surgical Method for Increasing Penis Size”

Andropenis was tested by the British Journal Of Urology in 2009 and clearly identified it as “the premier non-surgical method for increasing penis size”

The Andropenis device has been featured in many publications and is recognised by the medical industry as a safe and genuine penis enlargement method.

More About Andropenis

How Does The Andropenis Device Work

The device works by exacting a gentle, yet firm and permanent pulling pressure along the length of the penis, this makes the cells in the penis divide and multiply, creating more skin tissue and blood vessels, resulting in an enlarged penis.

This method of traction is widely used by orthopaedic surgeons worldwide to straighten and lengthen limbs following surgery or accident. Ancient tribes have (and still do) lengthen their necks, ears and lips by similar traction methods.

Where Can I Buy Andropenis

Andropenis is sold from the official website, the makers ship worldwide, all orders are protected by a full cash back guarantee

Cost wise, the devices start at £85.00 for the Androextender entry level model, up to the Andropenis Gold Premium model at £199.00 prices are shown in local currencies on the official website

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