Best Male Enhancement Pill Australia

Best Male Enhancement Pill Australia 

Male Extra Now Available In Australia

The top rated virility pill Male Extra has now reached across the globe, the UK based product is now available virtually worldwide, finally reaching the Australian continent late last year.

Voted best penis pill for the past two years running, Male Extra is now regarded as the safe natural alternative to Viagra, although based purely on natural ingredients; Male Extras shares many similarities to the chemical based prescription drug.

The Safer Alternative To Viagra

Viagra made by Pfizer is the worlds most prescribed erection aid, Pfizer tell us that at least 9 pills are prescribed every minute worldwide. Although highly effective in many cases, Viagra is only legally available following a doctor’s consultation and prescription.

Buying Viagra online is not only illegal, but potentially dangerous. Viagra has been linked to quite a few unpleasant side effects including tinnitus, problems with vision and more worryingly heart problems.

Male Extra has been formulated from some of nature’s most effective libido enhancing ingredients and has already achieved a proven track record of success.

What Ingredients Are Found In Male Extra

The prime ingredient is Pomegranate; don’t confuse this with the fruit or juice that you can buy in Coles or Woolworths, the ingredient in Male Extra is pomegranate 70% ellagic. To get the same benefit as a dose of Male Extra, you would have to drink several hundred litres of juice.

The other ingredients include Tong Kat Ali and L-Arginine, both of these natural compounds are proven to boost the body’s nitric oxide levels, this causes the blood vessels to dilate, allowing increased blood to flow into the penis. The resulting erection is usually harder, and longer lasting.

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