Could Eating Cheese Reduce Male Fertility

Could Cheese Reduce Fertility

Reports emerging from studies at Harvard university have shown that young men could be reducing their chances of becoming fathers.cheese fertility risks

Even fairly small amounts of full fat dairy products have been shown to dramatically reduce fertility, the research demonstrated that men who eat just three portions a day had reduced sperm quality when compared against others.

It is thought that female hormones that are naturally found in milk could be the cause.

Research in the main has usually been aimed at how diets can affect women’s fertility, but there is increasing evidence that men’s lifestyle, in particular their diets can have similar effects.

The study at Harvard compared the diets of 189 men aged between 19 and 25. None of the test subjects were overweight, and all did regular exercise.

They also compared the quality, and motility of the sperm.

Researchers discovered that the sperm produced by men who eat more than three portions of full fat dairy products each day produced sperm of some 25% lower quality healthy spermthan those men who eat less.

The leader of the study – Myriam Afeiche said that the likely cause was the fact that milk contains the female hormone oestrogen, and that this (along with possible traces of pesticides, heavy metals and environmental pollutants in the milk) could be imparing the male fertility.

The affects of dairy products on fertility have been raised in the past, but this is the first time a full blown study has actually examined and reported on its affects.

Dr Allan Pacey from the British Fertility Society hit back at the results saying that men shouldn’t stop drinking milk or eating full fat dairy, while he concurs that too much of these products could reduce fertility,  he doesn’t believe that it could actually stop men fathering children….

Research continues….

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