Does Levitra Work

Does Levitra Work

Melt In The Mouth Erection Aid

It is a fact that over 2 million men in the UK alone suffer from regular erection problems, worldwide that is a staggering amount of men, yet it is quite shocking to read statistics showing that only 10% of these sufferers actually try and do anything about the problem by seeking help or advice from their doctor.

Their embarrassment  simply keeps them suffering in silence.

Announced in the media this week is the latest prescription aid to erection difficulties, a melt in the mouth tablet that simply fizzes away quickly to provide similar effects to Viagra – the worlds best known and most prescribed erection pill.

The makers; Bayer believe that this is the perfect choice, it is far more simpler than taking pills with water making it quick and discreet to use.

The tablet – called Levitra is currently only available from doctors on private prescription, so the nerve jangling visit to the doctors is still required before you can get your hands on the drug.

Cost And Testing

Levitra is not cheap either, each pill will cost around £4.50 and there is also the fact that the pill will take around 30 minutes to work so the spontaneity of sex is compromised somewhat.

With all the concerns around side effects from taking Viagra, the manufacturers of Levitra have so far tested the drug on just under 1000 men, and the results are encouraging with any adverse effects being rare – so far.

Our Thoughts

We feel that wider testing should be carried out before recommending this product, as great as it sounds, there are products with far more testing behind them that deliver similar or even better results without the risks associated with any of these prescription products.

Instant Performer Gel

A clinically tested product based on natures own mix of natural erection enhancing ingredients is Instant Performer, an innovative oil that when applied to the penis topically has been proven to quickly provide a strong, powerful erection that lasts for up to two hours. Unlike Viagra and Levitra, this oil gets to work in a staggering 40 seconds or less, making it the fastest working erection aid that we have ever come across.

Gets To Work In 40 Seconds

Discreet and easy to use, simply pop into the bathroom and apply to the penis and within 40 seconds you are ready to go, it can be your secret – your partner need never know (unless they apply it for you!!).

Instant Performer is formulated with some of natures most proven and respected libido enhancing ingredients; L-Arginine, Pomegranate (often called natural Viagra) Tong Kat Ali and Epimedium are all natural and totally safe ingredients.

>>Ingredients In Instant Performer Oil<<

Instant Performer helps maintain the spontaneity of sex and is perfect for those men who do not really like taking tablets in any form.

A pocket sized tube of Instant Performer oil holds sufficient for 30 treatments, and is over four times cheaper than Levitra. A tube costs GBP £19.99 (USD $ 32.10) with free worldwide delivery

Benefits Of Instant Performer

  • Over four times cheaper than Levitra
  • Quicker acting (around 40 seconds instead of 30 minutes+)
  • Buy without the embarrassment of a doctor’s consultation
  • Proven and Safe Natural Formula

Make Erection Problems A Thing Of The Past

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