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Can Eating Really Help Boost Erections

The Respected medical publication ‘The Journal Of Sexual Medicine’ recently commissioned a study into the effects of certain food stuffs on our sex drive, and in particular our ability to get and maintain good erections.

The study recently carried out at a hospital in Turkey featured pistachio nuts, the Pistachioparticipants ate 100gms  (approx one cup full) of pistachios every day at lunch for three weeks. The results were quite conclusive, nearly all those tested reported an almost 50% increase in erection function compared to their pre-test results.

The subjects also reported a great improvement in general intercourse satisfaction, orgasmic satisfaction and general sexual desire. The blood flow into the subjects penis’s was also checked by ultrasound testing and this returned an average 22% increase of blood flow.

What Makes Pistachio Nuts So Effective

Pistachio nuts are high in a non essential amino acid called Arginine, this is proven to raise nitric oxide levels, relaxing blood vessels and allowing greater blood flow into the penis.

This resulted in longer lasting, harder erections in virtually all test subjects.

Not EveryBody Can Eat Nuts

This makes for interesting reading, mother nature always seems to have an answer to most of our health and sexual problems, however, running down to the local shop to buy pistachio nuts is not going to suit everybody. Apart from the fact that a lot of people do not like eating them, millions of men worldwide have nut allergies and this kind of foodstuff is off limits.

Alternative Options To Nuts

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