FleshLite Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlite Stamina Training Unit Review

The Discreet And Convenient Way To Treat Premature Ejaculation

If you have been struggling with premature Ejaculation, there is an innovative and discreet way of helping you to overcome this rather embarrassing problem.


Fleshlite Stamina Unit is a hand held device specially designed to help improve your performance in the bedroom.

Designed and made to represent a real vagina, it looks and feels just like the real thing.

By using the device when masturbating, it has been proven to help train you to last longer prolonging ejaculation and boosting both yours and your partners enjoyment and satisfaction.

The textured centre feels just like a real vagina, by using the device to teach yourself to last longer, your ultimate enjoyment ( along with your partners) and orgasms will be greatly enhanced.

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What Do I Get With The Stamina Unit

Buyers receive the following:

  • Patented Superskin fleshlite sleeve
  • Gold fleshlite case
  • Fleshlube water
  • Fleshlite renewing powder
  • Fleshwash
  • Free ‘E Guide

Where Can I Buy The Fleshlite Stamina Unit

The system is available on line from top male health stockists  Mens-network.com

pink-lady-fleshlight-stu1-1They sell Fleshlite Stamina and  a whole range of other male health products direct to discerning men worldwide, shipping is fast and most importantly discreet – no one except you will know whats in the package.

All orders are shipped with a full cash back guarantee – see website for details

The Fleshlite Stamina Unit costs $129.95 ( £79.99)

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