How Can I Last Longer In Bed

 How Can I Last Longer In Bed

Make Love For Longer With Vivaxa

One of the main problems that worries men is their ability to last for a long while in bed, climaxing too early can leave the man feeling embarrassed and the partner somewhat unsatisfied and most probably frustrated

Although nerves or anxiety can play a part especially in younger men, the problem can actually be a physical one, hyper sensitivity of the skin can cause magnified sensations that will lead to premature ejaculation and unsatisfied partners.

There are a few products out there, all claiming to reduce the sensitivity on the man, they have in the past had a downside however; the calming effect has also been passed onto the woman, leaving them without any real feelings or sensations during love making.

With this problem in mind, the scientists at Vivaxa have developed a special serum that when applied topically to the users penis will dramatically de-sensitize the penis without its effects being passed onto the woman during intercourse.

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The result is a greater sexual performance, longer love making and greater pleasure for both the man and the woman.

How Does Vivaxa Work

Vivaxa has been formulated with a unique and totally safe erection enhancing compound known as Peptide 171 along with a scientifically proven skin calming and soothing ingredient called Calmosensine.

These two ingredients combine to sensitize the penis and prolong sexual performance.

Supplied in discreet packaging, Vivaxa is quite inexpensive for a product of this quality, orders are shipped worldwide directly from the manufacturers.

Vivaxa costs USD $ 59.99 (GBP £ 36.71) and can be ordered either on-line or by phone, fax or mail

Never Be Called Minute Man Again

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