How Can I Make Her Orgasm

 How Can I Make Her Orgasm

Our Guide To Making Your Partner Reach Orgasm

When it comes to having orgasms, us guys actually have it quite easy, all it takes for most of us is some carressing or rubbing of the penis and WHAM its all over!

For the woman in your life there are many factors that have to be right for her to reach that point, in fact nearly 70% of women actually admit to never having an orgasm with a man, and a staggering 92% of women admit to having faked an orgasm at one time or another.

Now before you worry about your performance and whether your partner(s) actually reached orgasm, there is no need to worry, here is a guide that will ensure that you will be hitting a home run every time from now on.

Learn About Her Body

Foreplay is a fantastic way to learn about her body and what gets her going, but you musnt just rely on foreplay to bring her to orgasm, use what you learn about her body and her reactions to the certain things that you do to enhance the sex itself.

There is a saying that states ‘ Only a woman knows how to satisfy another woman’, and this is probably the case, only she can tell you what sensations drive her to the point of no return, with this in mind, do not be afraid to ask her what she likes.

Does she prefer being rubbed or kissed, is there a certain position that she enjoys more, does she like it hard or fast, slow or gentle. By sharing what she likes you can increase her anticipation and make sex the fun and fully satisfying experience that it should be.

Create the Right Environment

Try not to just focus on the physical aspect of sex, create a romantic atmosphere that is familiar and comfortable, where she can relax and feel wanted. The important thing to remember is not to rush the moment, take time for kissing and cuddling, these two aspects really help to build the moment, avoid trying to initiate sex too early, quite often it will be her who makes the first move.

Tease her Body

You have set the romantic scene, made her feel wanted and sexy, and now she wants sex, – Whats Next??

Women love affection and caressing, start by gently touching her body all over, avoid the breasts and clitoris for now, this will build desire and at the same time help her to relax. Aim a few kisses around her breasts, but avoid the nipples for now, she will want you to kiss them, but keep her wanting for now.

When its time, apply the same rule when using your penis, do not go straight in, tease her with its presence, gently rub it against her clitoris for a time, (It is the clitoris that stimulates her to orgasm, so do this gently and continuously, when you feel she is ready, enter her slowly, and gradually, do not in completely straight away, just go in part of the way and then withdraw, continue this and gradually go in slightly deeper each time, gradually teasing her.

Remember, the longer you tease her, the more intense both your orgasms will be, continue building slowly until she is ready to orgasm, only then should you go all in and increase your speed to leave her gasping as she orgasms like never before.

Using A Penis Oil Can Help

The application of a penis oil can (especially if used as part of foreplay) help to build the anticipation, these products also have profound effects on the man’s performance.

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The harder and longer your penis, the greater her pleasure

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Instant Performer will enable you to last for up to 2 hours, preventing premature ejaculations and enabling both you and your partner to reach and experience mind blowing orgasms.

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