How To Last Longer In Bed

Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel Review

How To Last Longer In Bed

Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel is a USA made product specifically aimed at reducing the risk of premature ejaculation, helping you to last much longer during sexual intercourse, giving you ( and your partner) more pleasure and increased satisfaction.

Using a gently numbing formula that includes benzocaine, your penis will be less sensitive and  will help you last much longer. The gel has a mild mint flavour which is oral sex friendly, it is dermatologically tested, and so easy to use.. simply apply to the penis and enjoy its fast acting benefits.

  • Quick Acting Prolonging gel
  • Reduces Sensitivity – increases enjoyment
  • Minty Smell and Taste
  • Just Apply To The Penis – Immediate effect
  • Latex Safe, so can be used with condoms
  • 1.7 oz flip top tube for ease of use

This gel is the perfect addition to your bedside drawer… whether you want to prolong your ejaculations, or simply last much longer for simultaneous, explosive orgasms, this special gel can help you get the maximum enjoyment from sex.

How To Use

Its easy to use, simply apply some gel to the shaft of the erect penis, you will feel a slight cool, tingly feeling as the effects take hold.. the active ingredient is benzocaine, a safe and proven numbing compound that numbs and soothes…. if oral sex is your favourite vice, then this gel can help reduce the gag reflex, helping to make long, deep throated oral sex more enjoyable.


Where To Buy Kama Sutra Prolonging Gel

The best place to buy this amazing gel is direct from Adam and Eve, the webs #1 source for all your favourite sex toys, creams. gels, lingerie and useful accessories that enhance your lovemaking.

It costs just $22.95 ( GBP £13.78)  USA shipping costs $8.00 –  worldwide shipping starts at $9.95 ( GBP £5.95)

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