Improve Your Orgasms With Semenax

Improve Your Orgasms With Semenax

Semenax Review

The male orgasm is usually a rather short lived affair, at the point of ejaculation, various muscles all contract simultaneously; these include muscles in the perineum, anal sphincter,rectum, and the puboccygeus muscle.

These contractions are usually close together at first and then diminish in intensity as the orgasm continues and the semen is ejected.

The greater the volume of semen, the more powerful contractions are required to ejaculate the semen, leading to longer and more intense orgasms.

More Semen = More Powerful Orgasms

Is It Possible To Increase The Volume Of My Semen

Through scientific research and development of natural plant based products, pharmaceutical companies have formulated some rather effective supplements that have been proven to help increase the levels of semen produced by the body – some by up to 500%. This will greatly improve the quality and power of ejaculations, leading to a more satisfying sexual experience for both of you..

Semenax Volume Pills

One of the most established volume pills are Semenax, a totally natural formulation containing a potent mix of amino acids and herbal concentrates originating from China, South America and Europe.

The majority of these have been used by tribal civilisations for many hundreds of years, but have only been discovered by scientists in recent years.

The Ingredients in Semenax include L-arginine, L-Lysine, L-Cartinine, along with Swedish Flower, Maca, Epimedium, Catuaba Bark, Zinc, Cranberry and Pine Bark Extract..

All ingredients are fully tested before use to determine their potency and purity, the manufacturers can produce the certificate of analysis (C.O.A) to anyone who is interested

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These all work together to promote and improve the general health of the penis, and the semen producing glands, the results are conclusive, intensive clinical testing has documented the fact that Semenax will not only help you produce more semen and boost orgasms, but can also help with problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Semenax Guarantee

The makers of Semenax are so confident of their product that they give all buyers the protection of a 60 day cash back guarantee, simply put, if you buy Semenax and it doesn’t have the remarkable effect that they know it can, simply return the boxes for a full refund.

Semenax is available buy direct from the official website, orders can be placed securely on line or by post, phone or fax

Is Semenax Expensive

Semenax starts at $59.99 for a months supply (UK customers this calculates to GBP £36.95 at current exchange rates). This is the perfect package to see just how good this product is before returning to buy more.

The makers do offer some rather good discounts for larger orders and you can also get some rather useful free gifts along the way.

Best Value For Money

Our best value package would be the Silver package – a four months supply that costs $199 – a saving of $40 and you also get a free bottle of Vigrx – the USA’s #1 male enhancement pill that will turbo charge your erections and staying power as well as you give you increased penile length while erect.

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