Jes Extender Platinum

Jes Extender Platinum

For The Man Who Has Everything – Well Almost…

The Best Penis Enlargement Device Money Can Buy

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have, if you are unhappy with your penis size, you are no different to the next man when considering the effects it can have on your confidence and possibly your life.

When Scandinavian company Dana Medic developed the very first commercially available penis extender over 16 years ago, they had no idea that their product – Jes Extender would sell over 250,000 units and help many men worldwide achieve a straighter and longer penis.

The Jes Extender is a medically approved Penis traction device, it works in exactly the same way that doctors across the world use traction to straighten and lengthen injured or stunted limbs.

More About The Jes Extender Range Of Penis Devices

The Jes Extender is worn over the penis; it exerts a gentle pulling pressure (traction) through the length of the penis. This pressure causes the internal cells to react by triggering their natural regenerative processes. They stretch, divide and duplicate to create additional mass to the penis.

We have all seen photographs of tribal men and women with long necks and enlarged earlobes – this is a result of traction..

Ultimately this process can generate increases in penis length of between 2 and 3” and around 30% increase in thickness or girth

Jes Extender Platinum – The Ultimate Extender

Jes Extender has 6 devices in their range, the ultimate being the Jes Extender Platinum.

Made using the same medically approved methods as the other models, the Jes Extender Platinum is made using Platinum – one of the worlds most valuable metals and one of the strongest.

The Jes Extender Platinum offers men who can afford the best; the Ultimate luxury in penis enlargement:

  • Medically Approved
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Double Money Back Guarantee
  • Proven Penis Growth Of Up To 3”

The Jes Extender Range starts at €179.00 ( $223.00 – £150.00).

The top of the range Platinum Extender costs €1000.00  USD $1282.00 – GBP £ 845.00 and is sold with a lifetime warranty, buyers also benefit from the Jes Extender unique ‘double your money back guarantee’ that assures you of twice your purchase price is you fail to achieve any growth after using the device as instructed – see website for more details.

You Really Can Have The Penis You Have Always Desired

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