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Male Extra Herbal Viagra [updated 2020]

If You Are Looking For A Proven, Natural And Safe Alternative To Viagra, Read This Review To Discover Why Male Extra Has Been Voted Best Male Enhancement Pill

What Is Male Extra

male extra natural viagra

Male Extra is a broad spectrum, natural alternative to the likes of Viagra and Cialis.

Developed in the UK, it targets the root cause of virtually all erection problems – reduced blood flow.

A good erection needs sufficient blood flow to enable it to last, and the majority of men who suffer from erectile problems have, for some reason, insufficient blood flowing into the penis.

Blood flow is controlled by a natural compound called Nitric Oxide, it helps to relax and dilate the blood vessels, helping to improve the amount of blood that flows into them.

When levels are reduced for whatever reason, the resulting erections are often weak or non existent.

Improve The Blood Flow – Improve The Erection – It’s Really That Simple!!

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Prescription drugs like Viagra work to increase the nitric oxide levels in the body, and by helping the blood vessels to take on more blood, boost erection quality and strength.

Unlike Viagra that has been linked with some quite unpleasant side effects – some potentially fatal, this uses a safe 100% organic formula that includes some of natures most recognised and established erection enhancing ingredients.

The All Natural Formula

male extra formula

The formula includes such ingredients as l-Arginine, Epimedium and Pomegranate, all powerful clinically proven compounds with Viagra type properties that help raise nitric oxide levels and provide the user with powerful, long lasting erections.

Male Extra Is No Gelatin Free – Suitable For Vegetarians

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic

Has been given the title of ‘Natures Viagra’ and rightly so as this fruit naturally boosts the production of nitric oxide and blood flow to the penis by helping to dilate the blood vessels giving staying power to erections and quality.


Is an amino acid which aids the the production of nitric oxide which produces a harder, firmer erection.

Niacin and Cordyceps

Both have been proven to improve staying power, energy and boost Libido

More About The Ingredients In Male Extra

Best Non Prescription Erection Pill

Voted best non prescription pill for the previous two years, unlike Viagra, it doesn’t require an embarrassing consultation with your doctor and can be discreetly bought online directly from the manufacturer.

Free from any side effects or risks whatsoever, it has been tried, tested and approved by the medical community.

Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Backbuy-male-extra-online

The makers are so confident of their product, that they provide a 100 day cash back guarantee on all orders. If dissatisfied, simply return for a full refund.

Where To Buy Male Extra

Male Extra can be purchased discreetly online from the manufacturers, prices currently start from £44.95 ($ 69.95) for a months supply – this is the perfect order for those wishing to try and experience its amazing effects and benefits.

The makers also ship worldwide for FREE

Payments Can Be Made Securely by Paypal and most major Debit and Credit cards

There are some excellent discounts for those wishing to order larger quantities.

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