Natural Products That Improve Sex Drive

Improve Sex Drive Naturally

We can suffer from reduced sex drive for many reasons, age, stress, lifestyle or illness can all take their toll.

But What Can We Do To Improve Things

We have all heard of prescription drugs such as Viagra and Levitra, but however effective these may be, they are linked to some quite unpleasant side effects, added to this the fact that they can only legally be obtained after an embarrassing consultation and medical examination by your doctor has led many men worldwide to check out exactly what the world of natural or homeopathic medicine can offer.

Here is a list of ten of the worlds most revered and trusted herbal remedies to a sluggish sex drive and erection problems

Pomegranate – Commonly called ‘natural viagra’ it is high in anti-oxidant’s that remove any toxins in the body and help promote greater blood flow to the penis, increasing the power and longevity of erections.

Damiana – Native of Southern America, in particular Mexico, Damiana is a long established libido enhancer that works for Men and Women

Epimedium – Commonly called Horny Goats Weed, Widely used in ancient medicine to treat erection difficulties, legend claims that its properties were discovered by Chinese goat herders who noticed increased sexual behaviour in their goat herds after the animals eat the leaves

Gingko Biloba – One of the oldest plants known to man, this was around at the time of the dinosaurs. It is used to treat impotence as it has properties that improve the effects of nitric oxide in the blood, by dilating blood vessels to improve blood flow and as a result erection power is increased.

Ginseng – Known to boost and revitalise the body – used for thousands of years

L-Arginine – An amino acid that like pomegranate and Gingko increases nitric oxide to allow better blood flow to the penis

Maca – Used by ancient Inca Warriors to boost strength

Muira Pauma – Native to Brazil, it has been used by tribal men as powerful boost to their libido and sexual function

TongKat Ali – An Asian herb that boosts levels of testosterone, increasing arousal and the general quality of sperm

Tribulus Terrestris –  Extremely ancient herb favoured by the Chinese and Indian cultures for its aphrodisiac qualities

Most of these herbal ingredients (In various guises) make up the majority of most natural Male Enhancement products, they should present no side effects if taken as directed and are far safer than chemical based prescription drugs.

With so many to look through, we have set out a list of what we feel to be the most effective natural enhancing products today

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