Robbie Williams Boosts Sex Life With Hormone Injections

Robbie Williams Boosts Sex Life With Hormone Injections

Do Hormone Injections Work?

Take That Singer and worldwide superstar Robbie Williams has, it was revealed in the British media this week been seeking help from Doctors in LA to try and boost a distinct lack of sex drive and a general feeling of lethargy.

Robbie was originally considering HGH injections – something widely used to maintain youthful appearance and promote increased general health, but during doctor’s tests, it was discovered that he had an extremely low level of the male hormone testosterone – actually comparable to that of a hundred year old man.

Testosterone is the main male hormone, responsible among other thing for sexual drive and desire; depleted levels can also lead to lethargy, one of Robbie’s main symptoms.

The doctors prescribed twice weekly injections of testosterone in an attempt to boost his flagging libido, the injections are not cheap and are costing Robbie $246 (£150) each time.

The latest report from Robbie is that he is feeling and enjoying the benefit of having these injections.

The general medical community however are not so sure as to just how wise having these sort of hormone injections are.

Testosterone hormone injections have actually been linked to some rather nasty and some potentially fatal side effects.

These can include

  • Liver and prostate cancer
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • Risk of heart problems and strokes
  • Hair loss
  • Acne
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Chest pains
  • Mood swings and reduced memory functions

So Hormone Injections Are Not Safe?

Most doctors worldwide feel that these sorts of treatments should only be used as a last resort, Hormone therapy can be extremely expensive, and unless taken under the most strictest of medical supervision can (as we have seen) be potentially deadly.

I have Similar Libido Problems To Robbie, What Can I Do

The development of natural supplements designed to boost depleted sex drive has taken great steps forward in recent years, many age old herbal remedies have been studied and some have been clinically proven to actually work – mostly without any harmful side effects whatsoever.

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One product that is building on its reputation is Male Extra, this scientifically formulated herbal supplement has been put together using some of the most effective natural ingredients available. Voted the best in its class several years running, Male Extra uses a powerful blend of natural libido enhancers including

  • Pomegranate (known as Natura Viagra)
  • L-Arginine
  • Epimedium (Horny Goats Weed)
  • TongKat Ali
  • Muira Pauma

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What Causes Erection Problems

One of the main physical reasons for lack of erection strength is a reduced blood flow, the formulation in Male Extra works to boost levels of nitric oxide in the body, this causes the blood vessels to dilate allowing greater blood flow into them. The increased flow means that the penis will expand with blood at a greater level, the erections are longer, larger and more solid, what’s more they also help users to last longer ( banishing the spectre of premature ejaculation) and also help speed users recovery between ejaculations.

Our Thoughts…

With irrefutable clinical evidence as to its beneficial effects, Male Extra offers men with a lack of sex drive the natural way to boost their erection strength and sexual energy.

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When comparing the costs of Robbie’s treatment, you could purchase a 3 month pack of Male extra for $198.95  (GBP £121.10)– for less than the cost of just one risky hormone injection.

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