Size Genetics Review

Size Genetics Review

If You Are Looking For The Best Penis Extender Money Can Buy – Read This Review To See Just Why Size Genetics Is The Worlds #1

The Size Genetics range of penis extending devices was developed in Scandinavia some 16 penisstockxpertcom_id863380_size01years ago, originally designed to support penises after corrective surgery, and to cure curvature of the penis (aka Peyronies disease) It was soon discovered that its gentle yet permanent application of traction had effective enlargement results.

Size Genetics has been used and is recommended by specialists worldwide and can now be purchased directly from the manufacturers without a prescription or an embarrassing doctors consultation

Size Genetics Benefits

  • Guaranteed To Work Or Your Money Back
  • Medically Approved Gains Of Up To 3″ In Length
  • Unique 16 Way Comfort System Assures Maximum Gains
  • Approved Type 1 Medical Device – As Used By Doctors Worldwide
  • Corrects Curvature (Peyronies Disease)
  • Increases Girth

Unlike many other copycat devices, the size genetics device is a fully approved type one medical device, one that is constructed to exacting medical guidelines and standards.

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21136The device has been featured in numerous media and professional medical publications and is one of the few products of this kind to actually be featured on mainstream TV.

How Does Size Genetics Work

The Size Genetics Device works on the principle of gentle traction, when applied to the penis over a period of time, it causes the skin cells to split and multiply (painlessly) which produces new skin cells and blood vessels, increasing the girth and length of the penis.

This follows the exact same principle adopted by doctors worldwide to straighten or lengthen limbs shortened by surgery or after injury, going back in time (and still today) there are tribes that use traction to lengthen their necks ears and lips.

Is Size Genetics Safe To Use

Totally safe, this method had been tried and tested by the medical profession for many tumblr_inline_n6deckwbFR1sac9z1years.

How Long Do I Need To Wear Size Genetics And How Large Can I Get

This will be totally dependent on your intended gains, maximum gains of up to 3” in length can take around 6 months, but smaller results are usually apparent after 2 weeks.

UK Reporter James Mullinger of GQ magazine, tried the device during research for an article on male enhancement and gained 1/2″ in just 14 days!!

Is The Size Genetics Device Comfortable To Wear

Yes the makers have invested heavily in the development of a new 16 way comfort system that makes it comfortable to wear for extended periods, the design features a unique securing strap that unlike the silicone loops of some other inferior products is more comfortable and allows for the wearing of the device for longer periods of time.

What Else Makes Up The Size Genetics System

The Size Genetics Device is in its own right most effective, but to make the system unbeatable, the manufacturers also include access to the Penis health exercise system, this clinically approved modern day version of the age old practice of jelqing will work alongside the traction device to not only strengthen the penis, but it will also help the user maintain greater control over erections and ejaculations, having a marked improvement on the users performance during love making.


When you buy the Size Genetics System, you are also granted priority access to the users forum, where you can share your experiences with the many thousands of users worldwide, and ask (and answer) any questions about the device.

How Much Does The Size Genetics Device Cost

The prices for Size Genetics start at $199.95 (£127.97) for the basic device, with several optional packages leading to their top of the range ultimate system at $398.95 (£249.50)

Cash Back Guarantee

With the full effective enlargement process taking up to 6 months it is crucial that buyers have full protection and peace of mind with their purchase. With this in mind the makers give a full 6 month guarantee on all purchases. Should the user not be satisfied with the results gained from using Size genetics, the makers will give a full refund if returned within 6 months.sizegenetics

Where Can I Buy Size Genetics

With penis enlargement still somewhat taboo, these devices are not available for sale anywhere except from the official website, they have offices and distribution centres both in The UK and USA, so delivery is quick and discreet. You can order online or by fax ,telephone or post.

Size Genetics provide a fully manned 24hr customer service where you can place orders or to answer any questions that you may have.

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