The Worlds Longest Penis

          Jonah Falcon  – Longest Penis In The World

People can be famous for many reasons. But Jonah Falcon is famous for a rather big reason:

He is the owner of the worlds longest penis.

Measuring around 8” when flaccid, and growing to an eye watering 13.5” long when erect,2097529 his asset hit the headlines when his extra large bulge in his trousers caused a security alert at San Fransisco airport..

The alert caused a two hour delay to his flight, something that caused Jonah great embarrassment.

Feted by adult film makers and frequently asked to appear in porn films, which he refuses to do, New Yorker Jonah and his hidden talent has brought on worldwide curiosity. Celebrities have called him to quiz him about it, yet despite this, Jonah doesn’t feel he is any different to anybody else.

The average penis size is between 3 and 4” when flaccid, growing up to between 6 and 7” when erect.

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