Top Penis Products 2013

What Will Be The Top Selling Penis Products In 2020

The first thing that we all tend to do at the start of a new year is to consider how we can change things, both in our lives and our body’s.

For some, losing weight is the main consideration, for others, it might be to get whiter teeth or get rid of unsightly acne.

For men, quite often their thoughts turn to their sex life and their penis. Some men want to try and spice up their sex life, maybe boost their overall performance or stop that hated premature ejaculation that haunts them every time they get into bed.

For others, size is an issue and they look for ways to make their penis longer, thicker and more desirable.

With so many products and devices out there, these are what we feel will be the best selling male products of 2019.

Penis Pump


Penomet is a penis pump with a difference, it does not use the stretching effect of tractionhow-to-use-a-penis-pump to enlarge penises, instead it uses a powerful, yet gentle vacuum to both enlarge the penis and to also produce harder, visibly longer erections.

A popular choice with men who suffer from erection problems, Penomet is designed to be used with water in the bath or shower, the device is filled with water and then placed over the penis and pumped to form a vacuum within the device. This vacuum draws blood into the penis to produce a large, hard erection, which is a lifesaver for those men who have problems getting or keeping an erection.

With regular use (20 minutes a day), Penomet can generate permanent penis growth of up to 2” in length with a boost to thickness as well.

One of the most effective and safest form of penis enlargement, Penomet is also well priced, with devices starting at $127.00 and a full 365 day cash back guarantee its certainly one to consider.

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Penis Pill

 Male Extra

Male-extra-pillsIf you have done any research into penis pills there is every chance that you will have come across Male Extra. A 100% natural product that provides the same benefits as prescription drugs such as Viagra or Levitra.

Male Extra helps to boost penile health, promoting strong erections and boosting ejaculations and general performance.

Voted best penis pill for the last few years, Male Extra is a safe, non prescription supplement that uses ingredients including L-arginine and pomegranate to boost nitric oxide levels and improve blood flow to the penis – essential for good erections

Available worldwide without prescription, Male Extra costs from $ 62.95 for a months supply and all orders have a lengthy cash back guarantee that assures you of a refund should you be dissatisfied with the results.

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Penis Traction Device

 Size Genetics

Size Genetics gave us the very first medically approved penis traction device, developed by Danish surgeons over 15 years ago, the device is one of only a few devices to be officially tumblr_inline_n6deckwbFR1sac9z1classed as a type one medical device.

Use and recommended by doctors worldwide, to both lengthen, but to also straighten curved penises, Size Genetics is available worldwide without prescription.

If the device is used as directed users can expect to see gains in length of up to 3” with an increase in girth an added bonus.

Unlike some cheaper copycat devices, Size Genetics comes with a unique 16 way comfort system that gives users a wide choice of how to wear the device for extended periods of time (essential for maximum gains).

A top class product sold with a comprehensive 6 month cash back guarantee, Size Genetics is available without prescription. Prices range between $199.00 and $405.00

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