What Are Pheromones

What Are Pheromones

Nexus Pheromones Review

 How To Harness Your Natural Attraction To Women

Ever wondered why the guy sitting opposite you in the bar has managed to attract the most beautiful girl in the room.  Nothing unusual about that, except that he is Mr Average, not all that good looking, you on the other hand rate yourself a bit higher on the scale.

Could it be his favourite chat up lines or maybe he just has that ‘smell’ …..yes that’s right all men  have the natural ability to attract women.

Pheromones are a chemical that men secrete which can create a powerful sexual response from the opposite sex.  We’ve all heard of them and yes they are real.  Scientists have proven that they exist and really do influence the way women perceive men.

Go back many years when aftershaves and colognes weren’t available, our natural pheromones were the dominant feature when attracting a mate.  Years of weakening them with modern scents have probably stopped many men realising their true pulling power.

What are Pheromones?

Simply put they are chemicals emitted from glands in the armpits, genital area and navel.

When this powerful scent reaches the noses of women it enhances their sexual response and attraction to the male.  Basically it sends a signal communicating attractiveness, fertility and health. This in turn stimulates sexual feelings in the woman.

Releasing an increased attraction towards you giving you far more potential with opposite sex.

All men secrete Pheromones but at different levels.  By giving them a helping hand you can increase sexual response to new heights.

We shower more often now, washing away natural chemicals and dousing ourselves with deodorant and colognes certainly inhibits if not removes our natural male pheromone.

 Nexus Pheromones

US based Nexus Pheromones have researched over a period of twelve years all aspects of natural pheromones and their powerful influence over attraction in women and formulated a powerful combination of 7 Human Pheromone Compounds – said to amplify the effects by no less than a thousand times.

What is in Nexus Pheromones?

  • Androstenone – exudes dominance and attraction in potential partners
  • Alpha-androstenol – promotes feelings of attraction and comfort
  • Androsterone – emits masculinity and mood enhancement in women
  • Epiandrosterone – communicates youthfulness
  • Beta-androstenol – known as the “icebreaker pheromone”
  • Androstedienone – improves sexual response and caring
  • Androstanone – denotes power and the effects of masculinity

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One application lasts for 8-10 hours and you can still wear your favourite aftershave with compromising the effects.

Just spray on to the pulse points on the neck and chest and Nexus Pheromones will do the rest.

Boost your confidence, watch women respond to you as they never have before.

Will This Turn You Into An Adonis?

You have to do some of the work yourself.  The advantage is that you heighten your animal attraction which will give you the edge.

Find your inner magnetism, enjoy a new found confidence as women start to show interest and flirt with you as never before.

Science has proven the importance of the male pheromone, why not take full advantage of what nature has already provided you with.??

Nexus Pheromones can be bought without risk -a 67 day money back guarantee is offered on all orders

The makers are so confident of their product that if you are not getting the results you desire within the 67 day period – just return the bottle – even if its empty – and you will receive a full refund minus shipping.

Just spray and wait to be amazed at the results!

Where To Buy Nexus Pheromones

You can buy Nexus Pheromones directly from the official website, they ship orders worldwide, buyers in the USA will get free shipping, elsewhere will attract a small international shipping charge.

Nexus Pheromones costs $49.95 for a months supply, there are some amazing offers and discounted prices for larger orders..

Ordering is secure and can be securely placed online, or if you prefer, by telephone, fax or regular mail.

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