What Is The Best Penis Vacuum Pump

Penomet Or Bathmate – Which Is Best

Vacuum pumps are a proven and fast way of boosting erection length and power, they can with regular use also generate permanent increases in penis length and girth.


What Vacuum Pump Should I Buy

There are many penis vacuum pumps available to buy, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you, and its potentially even harder to discover which one is the most effective and more importantly – the safest.

What Should I Look Out For?

There are two basic types of vacuum pump, those that use an air based vacuum, and others that use air and water.

If we were pushed to choose one type over the other, it would be the ones that use water that we would recommend…. Devices that use water are designed to be used in the bath or shower, the water contained within the device helps to support and protect the penis during its operation, some devices that just use the air within the unit have been found too easy to over pressurise, which has in isolated cases, caused tissue damage, tears and even distortions to the penis.

penomet-penis-pumpThis not generally a problem in devices that contain water.

Why Are Devices That Use Water Considered To Be Better

Devices that are used in the bath are considered safe, and more effective, the water contained within the device helps to support the penis during the process, the body actually responds better to the vacuum when in the bath or shower, the warm water helping to relax the muscles, enabling it to respond better to the pressure, with usually visibly improved results.

Two of the most popular devices that use water are Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet

Both Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet are hydropumps, which means that they are designed to be used with water, preferably in the bath or shower.

What Are They And How Do They Work

The Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet are very similar in look and operation, they arehydromax-x30 an enlongated balloon shaped device with a rubber gaiter seal at the base, their use is simple; fill with water, place over the penis, making sure that the rubber seal makes contact with the groin area.

Both devices are pumped up and down which expel air and water out through the non-return valve at the top of the unit, this generates a vacuum inside the device which places the penis under pressure. The vacuum inside the device encourages blood to flow into the penis in greater than usual amounts, this in turn generates a strong erection that is generally and visibly larger and longer than usual.

Visibly Larger Erections

Any erection gained by the use of one of these devices is often longer lasting, which is a bonus for anybody who suffers from erection problems.

how-to-use-a-penis-pumpAt first any increased size will revert back to normal when the erection subsides.

With regular daily use (both manufacturers recommend 15-20 minutes a day) permanent increases in length and thickness can be attained with gains of up to 2-3” possible.

The Difference Between Bathmate Hydromax and Penomet

A first glance, both products are very similar, and offer similar results, especially in the treatment of erection problems. They both cost a similar amount and are available to buy worldwide.

Both Bathmate and Penomet are well made products, a great deal of thought has gone into their design, and users will not be disappointed, whatever one they choose..

There are a couple of differences however that lead us to recommending one over the other…


Bathmate Hydromax is sold with a 60 days cash back guarantee – if dissatisfied, buyers can return the device within this time scale for a refund

Penomet also offers a 60 day cash back guarantee

Working Pressure And Results-

Bathmate comes with just one preset pressure level,

The Penomet device comes with up to 5 interchangeable gaiters (depending onIMG_1775 model) that each provide a gradual increase in pressure – essential for achieving maximum gains in size.


Bathmate is currently available through its worldwide website, it costs from £89.96 ($135.99)

Penomet starts at £79.00 ($127.00) for the entry level model rising to £185.00 ($297.00) for the ultimate system

Our Thoughts And Recommendation

Either Model will generate better erections and increased penile growth…

For our money we recommend Penomet – its interchangeable gaiters and the sheer difference that these can make to results make it stand head and shoulders above Bathmate…

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