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Jes Extender Reviewed [updated 2020]

The Original Penis Extender

The Jes Extender recently celebrated its 23rd anniversary, it was the original purpose designed penis extender to be developed and made available to the general public.

Developed In Denmark by a medical scientist called Beck Muller, the device was originally devised to help support penises after corrective surgery.

Its use as an effective penis enlargement device soon became apparent, by using the proven method of traction it has been proven to provide a permanent increase in penis length of up to 2” along with a noticeable improvement in thickness.

Jes Extender is the original in a market that has become flooded with copycat devices, it still provides users with a quality that is hard to beat.

Last year the company racked up its 250,000th sale, this is amazing given the fact that penis enlargement is still rather a taboo subject, with most devices still only being available to buy on-line.

Guaranteed To Work Or Double Your Money Back

The Jes Extender is guaranteed to work, it exceeds every international safety guideline and regulation, and the manufacturers back it up with a unique Double Money Back Guarantee.

The makers of Jes Extender – Dana Medic guarantee that if you buy and use the Jes Extender as directed for the recommended period of time that they will refund double your money back if you fail to achieve any increase in size.

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How Does The Jes Extender Work

The Jes Extender follows the tried and tested method of traction, by placing the penis under a constant, yet painless pulling pressure, the internal cells divide and multiply producing increased skin tissue, muscle and blood vessels.

This method is used by surgeons worldwide to straighten or lengthen damaged or stunted limbs; many native tribal cultures use similar methods to lengthen their necks, lips, and earlobes.

Does Jes Extender Work

There is an amazing amount of positive feedback for these devices, Dana Medic were the first manufacturer to set up a users forum where users can compare experiences (good or bad) and swap advice and tips on how to get the best from the device. Currently there are in excess of 13000 active members.

How Large Could I Get With Jes Extender

The results will depend on the amount of time spent wearing the device, initial results can be seen quite quickly with users regularly reporting initial increases of ½” – ¾” in around 3 weeks.

Full results of around 2” increase will take around 6 months, so users need to be prepared to wear the device as often as possible for this sort of timescale.

Where To Buy Jes Extender

The devices can be purchased directly from the manufacturers official website, orders are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly.

The official website displays prices in Euros

Prices For Jes Extender start at EUR €179.00 ( USD $262.00 or GBP £ 143.00) for the starter system.

The top of the range model is the Platinum model which is priced at € 1000.00 – for the man that has everything!


We recommend the Original Extender at € 299.00 ( $375.00 OR £ 239.00)

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