Where To Buy Penomet Penis Enlargement Device

How Does The Penomet Penis Pump Work [updated 2020]

Get Instant And Visibly Larger Erections Plus Permanent Penis Growth With Penomet

Penomet is a new generation penis enlargement device, it differs to most other how-to-use-a-penis-pumpenlargement devices in that instead of using manual traction (pulling pressure) it uses the power of vacuum and water.

The Penomet is designed to be used in the bath or shower, it holds water within the device to help support and protect the penis during the enlargement process.

Unlike some older model vacuum devices that have been know to cause damage to tissues and blood vessels, the Penomet device has been developed to work easily and efficiently without the risk of any harm being caused to the user’s penis.

How Does The Penomet Device Work

The device is designed to be used while in the bath or shower; the device is first filled with water and then placimagesed over the penis. The rubber gaiter seal makes contact with the groin area and forms a watertight seal.

The Device is then pumped to expel water, as this water is expelled, the non return valve stops air and/or water returning back into the device, forming in its place a vacuum that encourages blood to flow into the penis, the power of the vacuum helps to force an increased amount of blood into the penis’ chambers, causing a larger than normal erection.

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On a short term basis, the use of the Penomet device will generate larger, firmer erections that are generally longer lasting. The device can be de-pressurised at any time once the desired erection is reached.

Can I Get Permanent Increase In Size With Penomet

Regular use of the Penomet device will help users to gain permanent increases in both length and girth. Initially the increased size is short lived, reverting back to normal as the erection disperses.

With time and regular use the pressure caused by the vacuum gently causes the internal cells and blood vessels inside the penis to divide and duplicate, resulting in increased mass.

Many users have reported increases of up to 3” in length over a period of 6 months use

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It is estimated that around 20 minutes use a day will generate permanent growth (that is far faster than many conventional traction devices)

The Penomet device is available with a choice of rubber gaiters that all produce different levels of vacuum and pressure – see website for details


Benefits Of Penomet

  • Immediate increase In Erection Size
  • Can Provide Permanent Increase In Length And Thickness
  • Straightens Curved Penises
  • Enlarges The Penis Head
  • Increased Sexual Confidence
  • 365 day Money Back Guarantee

How Much Could I Gain With Penomet

With daily use permanent increases in length of around 2” -3” are common place, users should also expect an increase in girth of around 30%

Where To Buy Penomet

cta-1The Penomet device is available to buy directly from the manufacturers. Orders can be placed securely from the official website. Buyers can choose from 6 colours

Orders are shipped worldwide quickly and discreetly.

All orders are protected by 60 day cash back guarantee (The longest guarantee of any comparable enlargement device), this assures you of a full refund if after using Penomet as instructed you are dissatisfied with the results.

Prices for the Penomet device start at $127 for the basic device rising to $297 for the Penomet premium device.

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