Where To Buy Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Forte

Phallosan Now Remodelled And Improved


Phallosan has been the best selling penis extender throughout Europe.

In countries such as Germany and Switzerland where the subject of penis enlargement is not considered taboo, the device is available to buy in high street pharmacies.

For the rest of us, it is available to buy online from the manufacturers.

The original Phallosan device earned itself a great deal of respect in the industry, it delivered proven results and was regularly used and approved by doctors worldwide. It is one of only a handful of devices to be official classed as a type one medical device.

Phallosan have taken the success of the original device and have built on it to develop the latest generation model of Phallosan – the Phallosan Forte.

Phallosan Forte

wearing phallosan forte

The device is a type one medical device, approved and recommended by doctors worldwide to treat penile curvature and deliver effective enlargement to users worldwide.

The device is a vacuum based extender that when worn on the penis utilises the body’s natural ability to grow to both straighten and lengthen penises by up to 2”.

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How Does The Phallosan Device Work

The device differs from many devices out there, it comprises a special condom that is fitted over the penis, this is connected to a pump that when operated, removes the air from inside the penis to place the penis under the pressure of a vacuum.

Once under the vacuum, the device is secured by a special belt that allows Phallosan Forte to be worn under trousers with extreme comfort for lengthy periods of time.- the key to effective enlargement

The manufacturers have released a video highlighting just how Phallosan Forte works:

How Long Does Phallosan Forte Take To Work

The device works alongside the body’s own regenerative processes so results will vary from user to user. On average, to achieve maximum gains users should be prepared to use the device for anything between 4 and 6 months. That said, it’s not uncommon to see initial increases of between ½ and ¾” in just a couple of weeks.

Where To Buy Phallosan Forteph-glider-zuggabel

Available in pharmacies in parts of Europe, Buyers worldwide can order Phallosan Forte directly from the manufacturers official website.

The device costs $344 (£237) including shipping.

All orders have a 14 day cash back return policy. The pack contains everything that you require to achieve your goals.

The devices are shipped in discreet packaging to ensure complete privacy.

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